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"I started the challenge to work on a personal writing blockage. The problem for me is not the writing itself, but how to write something from my authentic self and take the step to share it with the unknown. This course is helping me to take the leap and trust the process, and I am so happy about it. I have been writing every early morning, and the day continues with so much inspiration. Somehow it is also helping me to communicate better and it has been supportive to the rest of my work as well. Thank you, Heather Jo!" --Luiza, Doctor, Teacher, Permaculture Designer

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About the Instructor

The Wild Women Writing Challenge is led by Heather Jo Flores, a traditionally published author, daily creative writer, and career freelancer with a Master's Degree that focused on writing the heroine's journey as a means of personal and cultural transformation. Learn more at writingheroines.com

"Heather Jo has hit on something special. As a woman it important for me to write and I'm enjoying the topics she has chosen. I deeply appreciate the supportive, friendly space Heather has created and am finding it enthralling and liberating to read, write and share in this group." -Chariie, Farmer, Educator

"The assignments are easy to understand, even for a non-native to the English language. If you want to grow as a person, as a permaculturist and as a writer, please follow Heather's work, enrol in one of her courses and have lots of fun! -Désirée, entrepreneur

"Heather knows what she's talking about. She teaches in a natural and personal way, and has deeply thought through how it is for women in patriarchy, and how we can take a new approach, to our lives and our writing." -Dido, Writer & Buddhist teacher, New Zealand

"Heather comes across like we imagine the true craft masters do: wise, practiced, compassionate and still curious. She helped me feel like a thing I've been dreaming about is not only possible, but just around the corner for me." -Kendra, Writer, Activist, Ecopreneur

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